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Bizz and Buzz are your basic, garden variety insects. They began their lives as disgusting little larvae clinging to life on the pesticide doused garden leaves of Mr.Blow Chunks, the local property owner. Following a near death experience when Blow Chunks tried to kill them with an angry swat from a rusted rake, Bizz had an epiphany.


 ... Realizing that his life could end in a random nanosecond of unprovoked violence, he vowed to escape his mundane, previously pointless and likely brief existence that until then, was his life.

Bizz was determined, somewhat obsessed, if you will, to pursue a life of meaning and adventure. Bizz' philosophy became, "I want to live a life filled with purpose. I want to make an impact!" Buzz, the more pragmatic of the two thinks Bizz is stupid and says,
"The only impact you'll ever make is on the windshield of a passing SUV."  

Bizz & Buzz created by:

Michael J Hall & Jim Algie

Psst: Check out the video below

Bizz and Buzz want you to check out their visit to the Paublo Beecaso exhibit at the Museum of Modern Entomology!

Animation by:

Kevin Langley Studios

Animation by: Kevin Langley

Additional character design and drawings by that same guy...Kevin Langley

The life and times of two mischievous backyard bugs and the trouble they get into.


Cool, calm and collected until Buzz comes around


Tries his hardest but fails miserably


Buzz learns about art.

Theme song by Mike "Po Boy" Reinhart

Featuring the talents of Ukulele Ed

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